Bag It – Audion Packaging Systems

At Combind we offer a wide range of Audion Packaging Systems, including power sealers, table top sealers, band sealers and packing systems. Audion packaging machines are characterised by outstanding quality and they are a leading name in the packaging industry.

Our many years of experience and expertise allow us to quickly find a packaging system tailored to your needs. We don’t look to just sell equipment; we look to provide a solution that helps you grow and achieve bigger goals and throughput.

Learn more about the Audion range below.


Powerful sealers designed for heavy duty usage

The Audion Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS guarantees a high-quality package result for food and non-food products. This validatable tabletop impulse sealer, standard equipped with the user-friendly Audion Touch Techware, is suitable for sealing flexible films. Up to 50 seal parameter recipes can be stored so that the operator always has the ideal pre-set settings available for each product/package.

Due to the heavy-duty construction and the high performance seal bars, thick and/or special films are sealed effortlessly with a reliable 8mm seal. The integrated vacuum system allows vacuuming and/or gas flushing of your package according to the set packaging standards of the product.

Additional accessories and configurable options are available to meet the packaging requirements of your specific industry.


Table Top Sealers

Impulse Sealers & Heat Sealers

There are two types of sealing technologies for sealing machines, impulse and heat sealing. Impulse sealers work with a wire that heats up momentarily (impulse). In other words, the sealer is not continuously hot, but is activated each time it is used and heats up for a fraction of a second. An added advantage of an impulse sealer is that it does not use energy continuously. They are suitable for ready-made bags or tubular film and capable of sealing PE, PP and thin laminates.

In contrast to impulse sealers, heat sealers work with sealing bars which are constantly heated. Following a warm-up time of approximately 8 minutes, the sealer is ready for use at any time.

Which type of sealing technology is suitable depends on the product and the packaging material. Our specialists will be pleased to advise you on our range of Table Top Sealers.


Band Sealers

Continuous band / rotary sealers

Continuous band sealers can seal bags quickly and professionally, making it ideal for businesses or individuals that require a large number of packages to be sealed. Horizontal and vertical sealers, table top and floor models; the diverse selection makes it easy to find the most appropriate machines to suit your packaging needs.



Ultimate efficiency in bag packaging

This versatile (semi-) automatic packaging machine delivers exceptional value in speed, flexibility and reliability for automatic bagging operations. The Speedpack bagging system is available in 5 versions, using both pre-opened bags-on-roll and/or lay flat tubing. The tubing system offers the great benefit of lower material cost by variable bag length selection “on-the-fly”.

All Speedpacks can be customized by mounting several options such as a (label) printer, feeding devices etc to maximize and automate your packaging process. Further, Speedpack (label) printers can easily communicate with your ERP system, printing product and customer data directly on the bag.