Bag It – Audion Powersealers for Packaging In Cleanrooms

Powerful sealers designed for heavy duty usage

The Audion Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS guarantees a high-quality package result for food and non-food products. This validatable tabletop impulse sealer, standard equipped with the user-friendly Audion Touch Techware, is suitable for sealing flexible films. Up to 50 seal parameter programs can be stored so that the operator always has the ideal pre-set settings available for each product/package.

Due to the heavy-duty construction and the high performance seal bars, thick and/or special films are sealed effortlessly with a reliable 8mm seal. The integrated vacuum system allows vacuuming and / or gas flushing of your package according to the set packaging standards of the product.

Powersealer in cleanroom conditions

A clean room is a clean working environment that is designed to reduce or eliminate contamination of the product, production process or research taking place in that environment. The atmosphere in a (ISO 5) cleanroom must contain 10,000 times fewer particles larger than 0.5 μm than normal atmosphere. That’s from 35 million parts per cubic metre to about 3,500. Audion Packaging Machines has developed a vacuum sealer specifically designed for use in cleanroom environments. A number of important adjustments have been made for this purpose. These adjustments were made after intensive cooperation with contamination experts from various companies. This has resulted in a range of sealers and vacuum sealers that fully meet all the requirements of an ISO 5 cleanroom environment.

Calibration and validation

Especially in the pharmaceutical and medical world, there is a high demand for process validation. Each package must meet specific requirements. iIt is important to use sealers that can be calibrated, which makes validation of sealing processes possible.

Validation of sealing processes ensures that guarantees can be given for the continuous quality of the seal. This concerns parameters such as sealing pressure, sealing time and temperature. The Power Sealer can be supplied with a calibration certificate and all relevant validation scripts.

Power Sealer USPs:

  • Proven quality in cleanroom environments
  • Different seal bar lengths – Sizes: 520 mm, 720 mm, 1020 mm, 1320 mm
  • Validated sealing process possible
  • Calibration possible
  • Easy to operate with Audion Touch Techware
  • All models in stainless steel
  • Vacuum by means of clean Venturi pump
  • Multiple compressed air extraction options
  • Extensive customisation possible
  • IP65 (dust and water resistant)
  • Compatible with EN 868-5 and DIN 58993
  • Fully complies with ISO 11607-2 and ISO/TS 16775