Bag It – Audion Speedpack

Ultimate efficiency in bag packaging

This versatile (semi-) automatic packaging machine delivers exceptional value in speed, flexibility and reliability for automatic bagging operations. The Speedpack bagging system is available in 5 versions, using both pre-opened bags-on-roll and/or lay flat tubing. The tubing system offers the great benefit of lower material cost by variable bag length selection “on-the-fly”.

All Speedpacks can be customized by mounting several options such as a (label) printer, feeding devices etc to maximize and automate your packaging process. Further, Speedpack (label) printers can easily communicate with your ERP system, printing product and customer data directly on the bag.

Due to the heavy-duty construction and the high performance seal bars, thick and/or special films are sealed effortlessly with a reliable 8mm seal. The integrated vacuum system allows vacuuming and / or gas flushing of your package according to the set packaging standards of the product.


Speedpack Tabletop 300 – 300 SPK TT

 A smart semi-automatic bagger that excels in simplicity, flexibility and productivity!

This compact tabletop semi-automatic packaging system efficiently bags and seals your products at high speed from pre-opened bags on roll.

The Speedpack Tabletop is a versatile bagging machine, electrically powered (no compressed air needed) operating from pre-opened bags on a roll. Just simply choose your ideal bag size, plug in the Speedpack Tabletop and start packing your products.

A continuous air flow opens the bag and optimizes an easy manual product loading. From the user-friendly Audion touch panel the settings can easily be adjusted. Even, 50 jobs can be stored to ensure optimal performance and productivity.

The Speedpack Tabletop generates a cost efficient step forward in warehouse packaging, creating labor savings by (semi-) automating your packaging process. Wide varieties of products can quickly be packed and film rolls can easily be exchanged from the front side, saving operating time.

Combining the simplicity of manual filling with a smart semi-automatic bagging system generates the extra value to your production area, improving speed, capacity and flexibility.

Further, integrating an optional handshake function will enable easy integration in warehousing or production lines, creating direct efficiency improvements.


  • Labor savings by implementing simple semi-automation
  • No compressed air needed: fully electrically powered
  • Easy product loading
  • Automatic and manual operation mode
  • High capacity: up to 20 bags per minute
  • Compact design
  • User-friendly touch panel
  • Easy film changeover from front side
  • Low maintenance
  • Sealing length up to 300 mm
  • Self-diagnostic problem solving


The Speedpack Tabletop is a versatile packaging machine popular in various industries for packaging spare parts, household products, pet products, sanitary products, accessories, textiles, cosmetics, etc. Also in e-fulfillment industry this powerful bagger generates a boost to your order efficiency.