Corrugated – Circular By Nature

FEFCO – The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers – has been established since 1952 and represents the Corrugated Industry across its variety of disciplines.

In recent years FEFCO has pioneered the phrase ‘Circular by Nature’ championing the circular economy status of the corrugated packaging industry.

This phrase perfectly encapsulates all that is so attractive about paper-based packaging solutions in a time when sustainability, recyclability and environmental credentials are so important to consumers and businesses alike.

The beauty of corrugated is that it is 100% recyclable, bio-based and biodegradable. Furthermore, the virgin fibers that are mixed with recycled materials to make new material are sourced from renewable sources and come from sustainably managed forests.

Cardboard is a renewable packaging material as paper – which is used to create it is made from a natural, renewable resource, wood fibres.

Cardboard is 100% recyclable, and more than 85% of the cardboard we use in the Europe is recycled.

Recycled paper provides 89% of the raw material for new corrugated boxes – ensuring the continuous life of the fibres.

Recycling is without a doubt the best way to dispose of cardboard, but the good news is that if any does end up in landfill, it’s biodegradable.

FEFCO are also committed to ongoing research to ascertain the impact that the corrugated industry has on the wider economy. It regularly collates information pertaining to the industry and works with its members to positively advocate the other credentials offered by corrugated packaging solutions such as eco-design, helping to prevent food waste as well as adding value on more economic issues such as revenue generation, job creation and integration into the recycling sector which is incredibly well established across Europe.

As the Circular Economy model is a key priority for many businesses and society in general it is great to see that corrugated really does ‘Deliver on Circularity’.  Renowned for its strength, design flexibility, print options and all-round versatility, corrugated is fast becoming the material of choice as its full potential continues to gather pace.

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