The Importance of Packaging in Ecommerce

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and it’s time to start preparing your business for this busy season, here are some important points to consider when choosing your Ecommerce packaging.

  • Presentation
  • Protection
  • Planet


We all know your brand presentation is important and Ecommerce packaging has now become a marketing tool in its own right. In a world that revolves around branding and social media, it is so important to stand out. Packaging and branding help to build your brand’s personality, attract new customers, and keep loyal customers.

Unboxing has become a hugely popular trend with 43.3billion views on Tik Tok and 3.3 million on Instagram alone. This means that marketing has gone past a leaflet or business card in a box. You need to create engaging customer-focused packaging so that your customer feels like they are getting the whole retail experience in their home too. Branded packaging and the rise of social media influence have made unboxing videos a popular way to share on social media, so if a customer films themselves unboxing one of your products and posts it on social media that’s essentially a free advertisement for you. This is called user-generated content and has become hugely popular on social networking sites. In today’s digital world, where social media is king and consumers are constantly bombarded by ads, it’s important to stand out.

Customers will always seek out unique experiences. By creating an unboxing experience that makes your customers feel special, you are more likely to stand out and create a strong emotional connection with them which in turn helps drive brand loyalty.


When shipping products, nothing is more important than safety. You don’t want your product to get damaged or broken during the shipping process—and neither does your customer. That’s why corrugated eCommerce packaging is such a great option for your Black Friday prep!

Corrugated Ecommerce packaging is an essential part of the supply chain, protecting goods from damage while they are being packed, transported, and delivered. By leveraging corrugated packaging strength, you can maximize the protection of your products while ensuring they travel safely and arrive in the hands of your consumers exactly as they were packed in your warehouse.

Custom options ensure that the correct size eCommerce box is developed to suit your product. This not only cuts down on waste but also provides greater protection for your product during transit as the goods will fit securely into the box. Corrugated Ecommerce boxes are also easy to work with. They are extremely time-efficient and can be assembled in just a few minutes.


Packaging is an extension of your brand and if you advocate sustainability within your company, it is important to show this in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ecommerce packaging as well. Advertising your sustainable packaging is a great way to capitalise on the demand for recyclable and sustainable packaging and bring extra traffic to your business. Corrugated cardboard is made from wood pulp and is highly recyclable and biodegradable. Adding printed recycling symbols and logos to your packaging is viewed positively by consumers, as is being part of a scheme (e.g. using FSC-certified packaging). There are many reasons why you should switch to sustainable packaging not only will it help the environment, but it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Our team think inside and outside the box. They will make sure that the packaging protects your product, matches your branding brief, meets your sustainability goals and they will always look to add value to your packaging.