Machinery and tools to help you streamline your processes

All of the advanced packaging machinery and tools you need for packaging, sealing, pallet wrapping, boxing, strapping and much more are available here. 

Every aspect of your packaging processes, including void fill, packing, sealing, strapping, wrapping and fastening can be optimised with the use of the latest tools and machines. These labour and time-saving devices help you to complete and ship your packages faster, while giving you peace of mind knowing that your goods are packed as efficiently and securely as possible. With quality packing machines, you can standardise and speed up your packing processes, seal your products against the elements and provide layers of extra protection for your goods. Browse our complete range of packing machinery and find the tools that work best for you.

Packaging Machines

Combind supplies packaging machinery to help you streamline your packing processes. Our range of Audion Speedpack machines works from tube film or bags-on-a-roll. It easily forms pouches in-line before they are filled, printed/labelled and sealed. Aside from their speed and efficiency, they are also easily customisable, as the use of tube film enables you to select the perfect bag length for your product – either manually or automatically.

Sealing Machines

Seal your products against dust, moisture, friction and impact to keep them like new throughout the supply chain. We have a range of Audion sealing solutions varying in scale from tabletop sealers to power sealers. The variety of size and scale available in our range of sealing solutions empowers you to choose the machines that are perfectly suited to your packing practices and products.

Void Fill

Void fill materials are essential to buffer your products against impact and prevent them from moving around to much while in transit. From standalone air fill machines to fully integrated Automated Delivery System (ADS), we can provide appropriate solutions to suit all fulfilment pack outputs. We also offer paper void fill solution, from basic desk top models to automatic machines we are positioned to provide appropriate equipment to suit your requirements.


We supply an extensive range of strapping solutions specific to each industry and application. We offer a range of semi-automatic and automatic strapping systems, as well as seals, buckles, tools and strapping dispensers.


Wrapping is a vital part of any despatch operation. Especially when moving large pallet-loads of products, wrapping protects your shipments by binding cartons together to prevent movement, and securing the boxes themselves to the pallet. Seal up your pallets quickly and efficiently with this range of wrapping machines. Whatever your budget, you will find the machine that suits you. Our range includes Spinny wrappers and ergonomic wrappers, as well as self-propelled pallet wrappers.


At Combind we provide a comprehensive range of Stapling equipment, MAX Rebar Tying tools, Nailing equipment and consumables. We offer the very best in performance, durability and innovation, from compact hand tools through to heavy industrial fastening equipment.


ErgoPack is designed to make the packing and strapping processes easier and faster. With the mobile strapping systems of ErgoPack different sized pallets can safely and comfortably be strapped standing upright, without the operator bending down or walking round the pallet. A chain lance slides under the pallet carrying the strap with it and feeds it back to the operator. The operator has only to take the strap and fit the sealing head, and the strap is then automatically tensioned and welded.


Packing and wrapping operations can involve the possibility of repetitive strain, back injuries and more. Ergonomic tools and equipment minimise the risk of injuries in the workplace and helps prevents back problems. We offer a range of Pallet Wrappers, ErgoPack Strapping Systems and Rebar Tying Tools that designed to improve ergonomic practices in the workplace.

Combind is a supplier of advanced packaging machinery for many industries across Ireland. Browse our range of machinery and tools. Not sure which solution suits you best? Contact us and we will advise you.