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Quality packaging is a necessity in almost all industries. No matter what goods you sell, you need a variety of products for storing, binding, packing, shipping and securing your products. Combined caters to this universal need by providing a wide range of packaging materials, including tapes, strapping and fastenings, protective packaging, bags and films and adhesives.


Combind are specialists in tape and tape systems. We supply tapes for every application and industry, from standard carton sealing tape, masking tape, double sided tapes, floor marking tape to our large speciality and technical tape range. When you need to seal packages for delivery or security, you need tapes that are perfectly suited to your requirements. We supply every kind of adhesive tape you need to keep your packaging secure, from cloth and cross-weave to foil tape and protection tape to electrical tapes for bundling wires, tapes that are used for electrical equipment such as phones, and more.


Different products call for different strapping solutions! Combind supply an extensive range of strapping solutions specific to each industry and application. We supply Polypropylene Strapping, Polyester Strapping, Composite Strapping & Steel Strapping. Polypropylene is one of the most popular and versatile strapping materials and comes in a variety of widths, core sizes and tensile strengths. Polyester strapping has an exceptionally high tensile strength. It is perfect for binding lumber, metals, heavily loaded pallets, and building materials. Steel strapping is used to strap heavy manufacturing and industrial equipment, construction materials and other heavy-duty products.


At Combind we offer a comprehensive range of Stapling, Rebar Tying and Nailing consumables. Whether you are looking for tie wire, staples, nails or screws, you will find the solution at Combind.


We also supply a range of protective packaging solutions including void fill, foam, bubble wrap and suspension packaging. Our design experience allows us to select the proper material and design to suit your product and how and where it will be shipped and stored. Protect your products against friction, motion and impact while they are in transit. Our void fill solutions include air cushions, bubble bags, paper box fills, polyethylene foam packs, and polystyrene sheets and loose fills.

Bags & Film

Whether packaging small or large, light or heavy industrial products, we provide high performance, cost efficient and innovative packaging solutions. Our extensive range of products includes shrink films and box liners through to pallet wrapping products such as stretch hooding and pallet wrap. Our bags and films are designed to protect your products and shipments against any of the possible risks they might encounter in their journey from your warehouse to your customers’ doorsteps.

Browse our range of materials or take a look at our range of other products. Not sure which packaging solution suits you best? Contact us and we will advise you.